Amusement park marine ocean theme disk rides for sale

Marine Disco Tagada Ride for Sale

Different from the tagada ride, marine disco rides for sale is an upgrade version of tagada. It is similar with the ocean theme tagada, but it is also different from the ocean tagada. This ocean marine disco is a new design ride for amusement parks, fairgrounds, and funfair. It is a kind of kiddie amusement park rides which is depending on marine life. Blue ocean theme makes riders to exposure to the vast sea. In the middle of the equipment, there are two dolphins, so cute two dolphins. Seeing from a distance, the two dolphins are jumping out of the sea.

Amusement park marine ocean theme disk rides for sale

BNMD-18A Marine Disk Ride


Model: BNDT-24A
Turntable diameter: 5.5 m
Area: 8*8m
Height: 3.2m
Power: 7 KW
Capacity: 18 persons

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The main difference between this marine disco and the tagada rides is the seat. Seats of tagada rides is a public couch around the ride. But seats of the marine disco rides are pirate. There are 9 cabins, each of cabin could seat 2 people. Between the cabins and the two dolphins, there are some colorful lights which looks like marine life, starfish, octopus and other sea life. There is a music box in the control box, when the equipment is operating, lights will lighting, and music will play. So interesting a ride, isn’t it? A suitable kiddie ride for indoor and outdoor use for amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, funfair and so on.

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