Amusement park ocean theme tagada ride for sale

Blue Ocean Theme Tagada Rides for Sale

Disco tagada ride is a large disk ride for amusement parks. Passengers in the ride will quiver, roll, turn around and show us lots of movements together with the equipment. There are many kinds of tagada rides in the amusement rides industry. Mini tagada ride, large tagada rides, grand tagada rides, and ocean theme tagada rides and so on. Here Beston will just show you the blue ocean theme tagada ride with 30 seats. But you can also customize its size and the capacity with change.

Amusement park ocean theme tagada ride for sale

BNBT-30A Blue Ocean Theme Tagada Ride


Model: BNBT-30A
Turntable diameter: 10m
Area: 10*10m
Time: 3 min
Power: 10KW
Capacity: 30 persons

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Parameter Form of Blue Ocean Theme Tagada Rides
Model BNBT-30A Capacity 30
Diameters 10 meters Speed 1.8m/s
Power 10kw Seat load 50kg
Voltage 380v Cycle: Around 3 min
Seat height from the ground 1.9m Theory Traffic 500 person/h

The turntable tagada disco ride could rotate with a 45 ° freely, passengers in the couch around the tagada inside will sitting in a circle and enjoy the shake with the rhythmic music on the tagada equipment. People on the ride are not fixed, they will be shake with varies of postures. It is a kind of thrill ride for people who want to have relaxing on the amusement park rides.

Apart from the ordinary tagada, ocean theme tagada rides for fairs are more attractive to kids and adults. Sitting in the tagada ride, passengers will have a feeling that they are wandering in the sea, they could enjoy different postures, just like swimming in the water. It is so cool.

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