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Tagada rides for sale is a high speed turntable ride. This kind of amusement ride could be seated with 8 to 40 people. Riders in this ride could roll in the middle. They could sit on the coach into the disco tagada ride. Accompanied by the music, rider will rotate with the large turntable. When riders on this amusement ride, they do not always keeps stable, because the disco tagada ride could rotate with a 45 degree.

Amusement park tagada disco ride for sale

Tagada Disco Rides for Sale

Tagada disco ride is a rotate fairground ride for amusement parks. In Beston, you will find different kinds of tagada ...
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Grand 24 seat tagada ride for fairground

Large Tagada Rides for Sale

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Amusement park mini tagada ride with 8 seat

Mini Tagada Rides for Sale

Disco tagada is new popular amusement park or fairground ride. During the operation, the whole equipment will goes up and ...
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Amusement park marine ocean theme disk rides for sale

Marine Disco Tagada Ride for Sale

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Amusement park tagada ride with ceiling for sale

Grand Tagada Rides With Ceiling

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Amusement park ocean theme tagada ride for sale

Blue Ocean Theme Tagada Rides for Sale

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When you sit on the coach and the ride rotate to the high point, you will fall down from the seat. Customers will enjoy the thrill feelings. And people could enjoy the thrill feelings together. Crowd of riders could get on of this amusement ride at the same time. So that’s why most of amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, or other large squares like to install this kind of ride.

Product Capacity Cover Area Height Power Voltage
Tagada Amusement Rides 8 5*6m 3.8m 17kw 380v
16 5*7m 3.8m 22kw
24 8*8m 4m 25kw
30 12*10m 28kw
40 14*12m 48kw

Features of Beston Tagada Rides for Sale

  1. Easy to operate and install
  2. A simple but thrill amusement park rides for passengers
  3. 8-40 seats and different model of tagada rides will be provide
  4. Free installation video will be supply
  5. Low investment with high returns
  6. Variation functions which combine intense vibration, swing, shocking disco music, with gorgeous lights

Classification of Quality Tagada Rides for Sale from Beston Amusement

There are 5 kinds of tagada rides which could contains 8, 16,24,30,40 passengers. Mini tagada rides with 8 seats, grand tagada rides with ceiling, ocean theme tagada rides are the most three popular tagada rides in our factory.

Application of Beston Tagada Rides for Sale

These quality tagada disco rides could be installed in the amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, large squares, outdoor activities. It is a popular entertainment ride for teenagers and adults to relax.

Beston has exported many seats of mini tagada rides with 8 seats, our mini tagada rides has got lots of praises from our customers. They are popular among kids and adults. As a reliable manufacturer in China, we have our own workshop, we use quality fiberglass when manufacturing the tagada rides, we have professional designers and experienced workers.

Advantages of Tagada Rides from Beston Group

Amusement park tagada rides is one of the most popular options as it appears with a brightly colored novel and unique design which contains pop music. It is a kind of rotating ride for the amusement parks and funfairs. But apart from the rotating, tagada rides also presents passengers vibration which only increases the enjoyment of the ride in the amusement parks. Also tagada rides using a manual operator which ensure the safety of this particular ride.

Disadvantages of Tagada Amusement Rides from Beston Company

Because of the seats are public, there isn’t seating belt beside the seats, people could not be fixed on the seat. But just because of this, much more thrill enjoyment are added to this ride.\

Tagada Amusement Park Rides for Sale You Can Buy from Beston Amusement

Fairground disco tagada rides for sale seems like a flying disk that can jump, sing and rotate. When it has been bring in the amusement park by amusement park owners, it has present people a happy world. When it rotate slowly, people could enjoy the leisure time in the middle of the tagada, they could sitting around the tagada and chat with each other. But it rotate fast, passengers on the tagada will be thrown everywhere in the disk. Not matter how tight you chatch the holding bar, you will be thrown on the ground. It is thrill but really interesting to people who want to seeking thrill.

From the distance, the disco tagada just looks like a big bowl, usually bottom of the rotary round bowl is composed by two cylinders, two auxiliary and one strong support. Tourists who sit in the seat of the rotating tagada ride will spinning along with the big bowl. Its speed could be adjusted and the maximum can reach to a speed of 12.8rpm per minute. When the left is dropped, the right side will up, people on the left side will sit down tightly on the tagada, but on the other side, people will slip down to the left side, they could not catch their holding bar any more.
During the operating process, passengers will also heard some powerful music and they will dancing with the music they like if they choose a piece of music before the ride.
With its simple operate and ride, tagada ride really bring people a sense of mystery, everyone on the disco tagada ride could not catch things on the bowl, they will be thrown everywhere. But because of its safety devices, the tagada ride is safe enough for kids and adults.

Beston disco tagada rides are made with variety of models and appearances, small tagada rides with 8-16 seats, , large tagada rides with 16-40 seats are all available in our factory. Different theme tagada rides also exist in our workshop if you need, Up to now, Beston has designed out set of tagada rides, the mini tagada rides with 8 seats for kids but also suitable for adults. Ocean theme tagada rides which is attractive in its appearance, grand tagada rides with a ceiling which is could be used for rainy and snowy days. Other disco tagada rides with safety fences also available in our factory.